"In darkness, we will always find the light."

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Worhol is best known for their theatrical stage performance. Their show consists of entrancing visual stage props followed by their victorian gothic attire to help set the mystical mood they provide their audience.  


Craig Bryon | Wilkinson Image & Design


Testament Designs

The story behind Testament Designs is that you can "wear art" and have "nature" in the comfort of your home. Every unique piece is personally hand created by me. Not only does this make every piece one of a kind, you will also have a part of my heart. It is really important to me that whomever has a piece of mine feels nothing but loving energy from it.

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- Squeezed Online

- Dark Angel Clothing

- Iridescence Cosmetics

- Shane J Salon

- Junker Designs



What if you could view the world from someone else's eyes... wouldn't you be curious?

Would their perspective create questions within your own personal thoughts? Would their world then become your world? I invite you to enter my mind as I bring you on a journey within my thoughts. Perception is an interactive hybrid poetry and photography book. The stories within Perception  are based on my perspective of this mysterious place we call our world. Our world is changing-and with change, I continue to seek answers of the unknown-the physical things one cannot see. The idea behind Perception  is that you, the reader, may enter my world. Although a painted picture is already present, while reading the words, I invite you to visualize these poems through your own eyes. It is now your turn to share with me your perception of my world.


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