The Dreamer

With a series of beautiful and haunting songs, Ashley gave us a new outlook on our movie. We hadn't even begun to film yet and she had us re-imaging an entire series of scenes. Our film will be better because of her.

Jeff Seemann
Writer | Director // LRB Productions, LLC

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This young lady has a huge career ahead of her. Not only is she pleasant to work with but she deliveries songs that make you re-think your vision. She understands the essence of telling a story through music.

Christopher Maggard
Director | Producer | Cinematographer // M5 Entertainment | Creepy Attic Productions

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"Music With A Message"

Vocalist / Composer / Artist / Author / Actress / Model


Our physical bodies react to music in more ways than people realize. For years I have struggled with anxiety and used myself as an experiment when composing in order to see what "sounds", "instruments", and "chord progressions" would physically release the tension I was feeling at that moment.  Ever since that experiment, when I compose I take into consideration all emotions I am trying to capture within an individual. Whether it's a score or a musical track from Worhol or myself, every sound, instrument, chord progression, I specifically place. I am completely mesmerized with how different frequencies within music effects all things living.


Presentation is everything and how you care for others is how you will be remembered. Through strong faith I continue to be guided and through my love of life I cherish spreading positivity. I have always strived to be a role model. I want people to see that dreams do come true but that they never come easy. Never giving up is the mental state you must choose every single day. To inspire someone most of the time results in them actually inspiring you. Time is of the essence and every breath we take we must cherish it.


In life, we always have choices. Our actions and words can either hurt or heal. Every single day I choose to heal through music and art in order to provide someone with the opportunity to escape reality. The key to healing all elements within mind, body, and soul is entrancing ones spirit and allowing sounds and visuals to take an individual on a journey they have never experienced before. Everything I create is out of pure love. I live my life through energy and that energy is absorbed and released in every paint stroke and every musical piece I compose.

"In darkness, we will always find the light."

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"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." -1 Peter 4:8

When you hear people speak about Worhol you will hear many things. Words usually associated with the band are, talented, incredible and amazing. More often you will hear Worhol described as "Destined", or "Next Big Thing". No matter what you hear one thing rings true, Worhol is extremely talented with a sound and live performance that puts them shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest bands in the world. Fans of Nightwish, Evanescence and Within Temptation will all feel at home with Worhol, but prepare yourselves because Worhol raises the bar. Ashleys vocals backed by the band have her poised to become one of the biggest female singers in her genre on a global scale. Worhol is without a doubt destined for greatness!

Michael Kehoe
CEO // Metal Onslaught Magazine

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The Voice of an angel with the sound of Rock. The music provided is that of going to an opera house and seeing a play. As you listen to their work  you cannot help but compare them to "Dream Theater", the melodic sounds they provide beg you to want them to play more. Then to the focal point, Ashley herself, not many words can provide what she brings to the stage. Her vocal range combined with the piano work and other instruments behind her are that of top notch performers. I say be on the lookout for them as they take stages across not just the US, but the world.

Rich Kaos
Radio Host // Neue Regel Radio

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I could easily see Worhol being sought after by film makers for soundtrack music, with the powerful vocals and intense music they have, they keep you on the edge of your seat. Ashley’s voice is so hypnotic yet so classical and with the background music and orchestral arrangements, you can’t help but listen to every second.

Tsarina Wilson
Journalist // Ever Metal Magazine

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